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  • We both blog for over 2 Years now, and we cant get enough of it!
  • We are trying to grow beyond ourselves, to get better day after day. -only the Sky is the Limit!
  • Link to our old Blog URL where we have been active the past 2 Years:.  http://fawkinawesome.blogspot.de/


Hello There! ^_^

We are 2 People that have the same Vision of Fashion & Style in SecondLife.. We do focus on Couple Outfits and present them here @ our Blog, We both looove Urban Fashion ! ♥
Buuut.. you will also find Street & Casual Outfits.

You can find a lot of single Male & single Female Outfits too.. ‚Cause we know, not everybody has a boboo! v.v (sadface)


SecondLife isn’t perfect sometimes.. But your Outfit can be!

How? :

  1. Let no one ever pigeonhole you. like.. NEVER!
  2. Do not run after every trend. Except you really like it !
  3. Always wear what makes you feel like you are the Best Version of You, at any time.
  4. Remember: Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.










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